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SnowHell is a Survival Horror Game

“Enveloped by a relentless Christmas blizzard, a tenacious female detective takes center stage. Her unwavering resolve fixed on solving the perplexing riddle encircling a missing girl. With a malevolent murderer roaming the icy backdrop, the wintry panorama transforms into a macabre theater of hell, compelling you to uncover the veiled truths concealed within the deep forgotten orphanage.”

Hello there!
I’m Taylor Moore, and I have an intriguing story to share with you.
Picture this: back in 1974, my brother Roy Moore was the mastermind behind the original film script for Black Christmas.

When I was a young kid I’d make the trek to the big city of Toronto, or “TO” as the locals call it, to hang out with my brother Roy. It was during one of those character-building Canadian winter night drives that we found ourselves immersed in a conversation about snow. We let our imaginations run wild, envisioning snow as a wicked force of nature—a manifestation of pure evil in the form of icy whiteness and bone-chilling cold. We shared a good laugh, and then proceeded to completely forgot about it…

Let’s fast forward to the present day, 2023.
At the age of 63 I work as a solo game developer (by night) and lighting and scene designer by day. I am currently driven by a wild and audacious idea—to create a game that pays a unique tribute to my brother’s masterwork, Black Christmas. My goal is to capture the unique blend of horror and humor that made the original film so iconic, and forge a new winter horror experience, frozen into a deeply disturbing tale of a dark haunted orphanage and a missing girl.

During the last six months, I’ve dedicated myself completely to the creation of SnowHell, diving deep into its development. It has been an incredible adventure, taking me back to a distinct era long gone. I’ve poured my efforts into recalling the conversations with Roy, where we brainstormed ideas together into the wee dark hours. Meticulously, I’ve charted out the entire narrative for the game and have made substantial strides in both the artistic and technical aspects, ensuring an enjoyable and thrilling gaming experience.

Now, the time has come to put all the pieces together.

SnowHell is my labor of love to my hilarious brother, and I have poured my heart and soul into preserving the spirit of Black Christmas within the constrains of the genre. SnowHell aims to deliver a chilling and immersive experience unlike any other winter horrorfest. So, I invite you to stay tuned and brace yourselves for the journey ahead. The bells of SnowHell have begun to ring, and I am excited to share this captivating adventure with you all.

The Team
Taylor Moore Creative Director/Producer/Writer
Paula Gallo Creative/Finance

Anthony LaMolineira
Tim Gamble – Executive Producer BladeRunner 2049
Caleb Howard – Senior AI Tech Guru
Robert Rioux – Master Modeler and Filmmaker

 Architectural Modeler/Consultant
Damien Meade

Souhaib Benchaker

Crispin Hands –

Story Development
Michael Arntfield – Author-Forensic Psychiatrist and Criminologist

Concept & Creative Research
Travis M McReynolds

Pat Paquet

Marketing and Promotion Strategists
Asia and Krystoff

SnowHell The Game
PC First then Port to Consoles

Unreal Engine 5
MetaHuman Animator
Character Creator/iClone
Adobe 3D/2D Suite